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Benefits of Vacuum Tube solar plate collector
 • Vacuum feature due to negligible levels with loss of solar energy is absorbed, so it is possible to use hot water 24 hours.
 • However, for the same reason, the wind and snow, heat, impact absorbing inner pipe selective yüzeyince productive all seasons can not be used for.
 • Rain and cloudy weather, the high rate of energy collection capabilities.
 • Between the pipes is on the effect of wind is much lower.
 • However, for the same reason, even more affected by the falling snow to whether such clustering is not a profit.
 • Each tube is independent of each other, defective pipes, very low cost, can be changed without stopping the system at all. The system can continue to operate unchanged.
 • External environment, despite the temperature falling to -30 C, the vacuum inside the pipe due to freezing temperatures fall when not being the point of not require anti-freeze, cracking / bursting does not.
 • Vacuum tubes, cylindrical structure, almost every hour of the day because the sun rays capable of vertical take. In this way, during the summer months the water temperature to 95 ° C to 150 ° C in selective surface temperature in excess of the elevated values. Types of flat plate under the same conditions as elevated water temperature 55 C.
 • Corrosion, arthritis is not in question.



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