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Glass Type
Expansion Coefficient
Glass thickness
Pipe diameter (mm) Outer pipe 180 cm length
150 cm length
Inner tube 180 cm length
150 cnm length
The weight of the vacuum tubeı 180 cm length 58 mm outer diameter
47 mm outer diameter
150 cm length 58 mm outer diameter
47mm outer diameter
Selective absorbing coating (standard) (*)
Energy absorption rate (***)
Energy loss rate (***)
Restoration to the cold (***)
The full pulse resistance
Wind resistance
Hard borosilicate glass
3,3x10 cm /cm -
1,6 mm
58mm 47 mm
47mm 37 mm
1,980 kg
1.580 kg
1,650 kg
1,315 kg
Standard Al-N /Al
Up to 25 mm size
100 km / h up to

(*) 3-layer coating aluminum, stainless steel and copper alloys are in sufficient demand.

(**) -3 layers or may be 96%.
(***) Submanifolds in 3 <5%.

Vacuum tube solar collectors each vacuum tube, composed of nested passed 2 pieces of glass tubing. Inner tube outer surface, a special selective material coated with heat absorbers and 2 pipes, a spring mechanism that nested on the same axis with the central ends of the hot source to a high temperature environment are made and all air and gases absorbed between two pipes by creating a complete vacuum, convection and negligible heat loss by conduction from the inside out strong minimizes thermal insulation is provided. Pipe, impact resistant and chemical corrosion resistant rigid radial structure of the borosilicate glass due to the grain size with 25 mm diameter full-resistant, as well as the pipe between them to reduce the effect of clearing the snow accumulation and wind resistance are also high due to natural conditions. 700 km / h speed to withstand the wind blowing. Inside the pipe is coated with a special selective external surface of the material, perpendicular to the cylindrical structure during the day because the sun's rays on the receiving and the heat absorbed by 93% at 150 ° C, temperatures can rise up to fame. This heat is almost entirely due to vacuum insulation to warm the water to go, is not lost.

Vacuum tube solar energy collectors, absorber (selectively) that heat loss from the surface of a flat plate type solar collectors are widely used in Chinese market, a better performance. Nested and inner tube on the surface of the vacuum created between two pipes with Features of selective plating, 93% of energy from the sun's reputation (96% in those with copper-alloy layer 3) with absorption ability is capable of operating with high efficiency windows in the same flask as in the heat for a long time keeping in all weather conditions, even at night allows the provision of hot water.




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